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Database Management, Maintenance & Reporting

Reliable Intelligent Software always looking after your SQL Server assets

humm.db intelligently automates the essential database maintenance and monitoring of critical events, thus always looking after your data assets.

Significant Value and Cost Savings

humm.db automates database tasks that typically consume valuable expensive human resources, thus freeing up their time to perform tasks more focused on business value as opposed to repetitive daily tasks.

Instant Alerts of Critical Events & Reduce Risk and Resolution times

humm.db intelligent live alerts will automatically notify the right people when critical events for your business occurs, thereby reducing business risk and the time taken for these events to be actioned and reported to business.

Insights and information of your SQL Server environment is always available

Hummdb provides comprehensive auditing and reporting for your SQL Server environment, providing detailed insights and detailed information available at your fingertips.

Business compliance and governance checks and balances.

Hummdb provides built in best practice audits, SQL license optimisation recommendations and SQL environment health checks to help ensure your data environments are correctly governed and comply with best practices.



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